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Readers Services Department

Function :  Provides direct services to clientele.

Organization :  For ease and accessibility to materials the open-shelf system is adopted in all services.  Three major sections constitute the Readers Services namely:

A.  Sections

  1. Circulation/Reserve
    1. Serials

3. Reference

4. E-Library

5. Filipiniana

6. AVR/Discussion Area

B.   Colleges

  1.  Education/AB
    1.  Commerce
    1.  Engineering

4. Computer Science/Information Technology

5. Criminology

6. MAED (Master of Education)

C. Extension

   * Elementary

   * High School

D.  Collection of Each Section

General collection – It contains on humanities, social sciences, language, mathematics and natural sciences, pure sciences, technology, arts, literature, history and subjects of general interest and fiction.

1. Circulation/Reserve.  These are supplemental reading materials to basic textbooks used in the different courses of the six departments : Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Education, AB, Master in Education, Criminology, and Commerce departments. 

Reserve – consist of limited available copies of basic textbooks and collateral reading materials recommended by faculty members as required reading for courses to be placed on reserve. These resources are for shared use of students enrolled in different courses.  To maximize its use, the books are to be loaned on hourly and overnight use only.

  • Serials  refers to publications issued in parts at regular intervals for an indefinite period of time.

a.  Journals –  refer to foreign and local publications of magazines and journals on education, commerce, engineering, computer science and information technology, criminology, and other publications on general interest : weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiweekly, biweekly, bimonthly, etc. Each issue is usually dated or numbered (or both) and one complete year of periodical’s issues is called volume.

b. Newspapers  – are serials that report current events and discuss topics of current public interest. They are most often published daily, but some newspapers are published weekly or even less frequently.

c. Clippings  – are articles with research value or important issue cut from newspapers and clipped    together as a research tool.

  • Vertical file – consists of pamhlets,leaflets,

    handouts, brochures, pictures, and other ephemeral materials on various subject areas about the     Philippines to   supplement the book collection.

3.  Reference – (“R”) The collection consists of reference materials

    General References such as dictionaries,    encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, directories,    handbooks and manuals, yearbooks, government   documents, bibliographies, and guidebooks.

4. E-Library – is an online database that provides access to magazines, newspapers, reference books, etc.   This section contains internet access informations and materials in various forms of graphics, audiovisual media, and computer resources needed to support the collections of printed resources to fulfill the library objectives.

    a)  Graphic resources or visual media needed to support the collection of printed materials like   pictures, graphs, maps, dioramas are a few of the items included in libraries to support their education and research objectives as well as their cultural or aesthetic appreciation objective.

    b) Audiovisual resources (AV) are materials that need    to be played on some type of equipment for them to be     heard or seen, such as music records and audiovisual, compact disc and player, films, video, and etc. 

c)  Computer resources.  State of the art compute resources are provided for academic, administrative and research use. These computer capabilities are used to automate almost every operation to provide better accuracy, access and services for their patrons.

5. Filipiniana – It contains of books and other publications or special files about the  Philippines by Filipino or foreign authors, published locally or abroad; treating solely on the Philippines or containing substantial portions.

Education /AB  – It contains professional textbooks of Education and Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science.

Master of Education major in Educational Management. It contains professional textbooks intended for Master in education major in Educational Management including the theses.

Commerce – It contains professional textbooks of Commerce major in Office Financial Management, Marketing  and Operation Management.

Engineering – It contains on Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Technology (applied sciences) on professional textbooks, manuals, and journals of BSEE, BSECE, BSCompE, BSME, and BSCE.

Computer Science/Information Technology. It contains professional textbooks of Computer Science and Information technology.

6.  AVR/Discussion Area. It contains TV Monitor and a Computer unit for users who wants to view,  using their  USB and the CDroms.