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SPC Academic Policies

A. Subject Load/Subject Sequence/Advance and Back Subjects

A.1. The subject load shall be in accordance with the approved
curriculum for each degree program.

A.2. The maximum allowable load for the regular semester is 21 units and 9 units for the summer term.

A. 3. Students shall conform to the subject load and sequence contained
in their approved curriculum for each degree program. Strict
compliance for pre-requisite subjects shall be observed.

A. 4. As a general rule, a student is not permitted to take any advance subject until he has satisfactorily passed the pre-requisite subject/s. Otherwise, the advance subject shall not be credited regardless of his performance in it. However, a graduating student by the end of the school year may be allowed to enroll in pre-requisite and advance subjects simultaneously under the following conditions:

  1. When the pre-requisite is a repeated subject;
  2. When the student has good scholastic standing.

B. Requested Subjects

B.1. Only graduating and repeater students can request and enroll in major subjects during summer term. Otherwise, they will be
automatically deleted from the official list of enrollees.

B.2. Irregular students as evaluated by the program head and approved by the dean may be allowed to request minor subjects.

B.3. Approval of requested subject by the Executive Officer for
Academic Affairs shall always be subject to the availability of
instructor as recommended by the Dean and the Program Head.

C. Examination

C.1. During summer term the major exams for College and Graduate
Studies consist of midterm and final exams only.

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