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Website Privacy Policy

SPC Website Privacy Policy

St. Peter’s College adheres to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) of the Republic of the Philippines. This Website Privacy Policy is posted to assure users of measures undertaken by St. Peter’s College to safeguard your privacy and ensure the integrity of data made available on and through the use of this website.

By using this website, you agree to the terms of this Website Privacy Policy. Revisions or amendments to the Policy will be made available on the same site, and you are encouraged to periodically review the site to ensure that you are aware of and conform to any revisions before proceeding in using the site.

The St. Peter’s College website is handled by the Office of The Registrar.

Data Collection

Log Data

When you access the St. Peter’s College website, your computer interfaces with our system; your computer transmits data to our system, in the same way that our system transfers data to you. This interaction is covered by what is called as a Log Data. The Log Data provides a summary of this interaction, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, sites visited on the SPC website, date when you visited the website and its pages, time spent on each site, and links clicked and resources accessed. Information collection in the Log Data is non-personal.


On the part of the user: as you access a website, your computer receives “cookies” – small files or information that enhance user experience. Cookies are stored on the user’s hard drive. They improve user experience. They keep sites that you visited, determine if you are a first-time or returning visitor, and provide information to the server of what sites you would likely visit next, based on previous browsing made. You may decide to disable cookies in your browser.

Data Use

Use of the data that St. Peter’s College obtains through your browser is limited to assisting the School in enhancing website user experience, improving the website and its features, understanding via which operating system or device interaction between users’ browsers and our websites is higher and better, and determining when best its materials can be released on the website, among others.

Data Security

The website does not require any personal information from you in order to access and use it, except for pages which access have been limited to students, faculty and staff that require log-in credentials.  On certain sanctioned sites making available online forms (i.e. enrollment forms, registration forms, online surveys), you may be required to accomplish them with some personal details; but these are for purposes under which terms and for which use you are assumed to be fully aware of before proceeding.

The treatment, handling and management of data obtained by our website are governed by the St. Peter’s College Data Privacy Policy and the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) of the Philippines.

Data Privacy Officer

If under any circumstances, you feel your privacy is compromised or you may be uncomfortable with the way the website may require information from you, including those obtained automatically, please e-mail the Data Privacy Officer of St. Peter’s College at admin@spc.edu.ph.

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