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  • Registrar's Office

Department of Student Affairs (DSA)

Dianne Therese Marie C. Bahala
Dean of Student Affairs
email: spcdsa@gmail.com


  1. To provide an engaging, safe and welcoming campus climate for all members of the community;
  2. To foster a respectful and safe community focused on multi-facet learning and student development;
  3. To develop a rich co-curricular experience for all students by requiring their active engagement, participation and reflection;
  4. To encourage good health and well-being;
  5. To plan and advocate for the human, physical, economic, and intellectual resources to attain our goals.


          We create and implement co-curricular and extra-curricular activities on the campus that will cater the development of the students and their needs as well. We also ensure the safety and security of students in the conduct of activities.

  1. Non- academic Formation Programs
    • Group Dynamic and Leadership Training/ Workshop
    • Personality Development Activities
  2. General Student Services
    • Issuance of Good Moral Certificate
    • Issuance of Leadership Certificate
    • Releasing of Student Handbook
    • Conduct of student orientation to old and new students
    • Informs parents/ guardians in case of emergency
    • Ensures student security in coordination with the Security Department
    • Evaluates student performance and achievements
    •  Formulates, implements, and evaluates school policies and procedures for student development and activities in coordination with concerned offices and student organizations.
    •  Conducts student election
    • Conducts regular consultation of organization
    • Facilitates student conduct meeting
    • Accredits student organizations
    • Provides list of accredited dormitory/ boarding house
  3. Liaison Services
    • Represents SPC in external; function related to student affairs
  4. Other Services
    • Processing and approval of request for in- campus and off- campus activities
    • Issuance of forms
    • Issuance of temporary gate pass
    • Releasing of School identification card
    • Custodian of Lost and Found items
    • Approval of promotional materials on campus

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