ENROLL NOW | Experience a modern and effective technology enhanced exposure to learning at St. Peter’s College. | ENROLL NOW | Experience a modern and effective technology enhanced exposure to learning at St. Peter’s College.



Experience exceptional healthcare in our cutting-edge clinic, equipped with modern medical technology and staffed by compassionate professionals, dedicated to promoting wellness and ensuring the well-being of our school community.

Audio Visual Room

Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in a captivating audiovisual experience in our cutting-edge AV room, furnished with top-of-the-line equipment to enhance learning, presentations, and entertainment.

Computer Laboratory

Step into the future of technology and innovation at our fully-equipped computer laboratory, where students may explore, experiment, and flourish in the realm of computers and digital skills.

Automation Laboratory

Discover the power of automation and robotics in our advanced Automation Laboratory, where students can engage in hands-on learning, programming cutting-edge gear, and exploring the boundless potential of modern automation technology.

Biology Laboratory

Explore the wonders of the life sciences in our Biology Laboratory, which provides students with a well-equipped room to conduct experiments, evaluate specimens, and enhance their awareness of the natural world via exciting practical exploration.

Boiler Laboratory

Experience the heart of engineering excellence in our Boiler Laboratory, students acquire vital hands-on experience with industrial-grade equipment while developing their abilities in thermal systems, energy management, and sustainable engineering to tackle the challenges of a greener future.

Chemistry Laboratory

Unravel the mysteries of matter and chemical processes in our state-of-the-art Chemistry Laboratory, where students engage in enthralling experiments, research, and analysis, creating a greater understanding of our world's building components and their applications in a variety of professions.

Hydraulics Laboratory

Dive into the world of fluid mechanics and hydraulic systems at our avant Hydraulics Laboratory, which gives students hands-on experience designing, testing, and optimizing hydraulic processes, enabling them to address real-world engineering challenges with accuracy and innovation..

Physics Laboratory

In our well-equipped Physics Laboratory, students can engage in hands-on exploration of fundamental principles, conduct insightful experiments, and unlock the secrets of the universe through a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Laboratory

At our Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory, students delve into progressive technology, learn to design energy-efficient systems and gain practical expertise in climate control, shaping the future of comfort and environmental responsibility.

Soil Mechanics And Material Testing Laboratory

Unearth the fundamentals of geotechnical engineering in our Soil Mechanics and Material Testing Laboratory, students examine the properties of soil and construction materials, conduct rigorous testing, and develop essential skills to design stable foundations and structures, ensuring a solid foundation for a promising future.

Electrical Laboratory

The school electrical laboratory is a dedicated space within the institution where students can learn and experiment with various concepts related to electrical engineering. This laboratory is designed to provide hands-on experience and a practical understanding of electrical principles, circuits, devices, and systems.


Open the door to knowledge and imagination in our welcoming Library, a learning sanctuary with a huge collection of books, digital resources, and collaboration spaces that fosters a love of reading, research, and intellectual growth within our lively academic community.

Covered Court

Experience the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie in our versatile Covered Court, where students can participate in a variety of indoor activities, team sports, and events in a sheltered space that promotes physical fitness, friendly competition, and memorable gatherings for our school community.

Criminology Forensic Laboratory

Criminology Forensic Laboratories are at the forefront of modern criminal investigations, providing an essential bridge between science and the criminal justice system. These specialized facilities are dedicated to the systematic and scientific analysis of physical evidence collected from crime scenes. Their role is pivotal in unraveling mysteries, identifying perpetrators, and ensuring justice is served.

Forensic Photography

Uncover the truth with precision and clarity through the lens of the Forensic Photography Laboratory. A highly specialized and controlled environment where meticulous documentation and analysis of visual evidence play a crucial role in solving crimes and supporting legal investigations.

Interrogation Simulation Room

Unlock the Secrets of Effective Interrogation. Experience the future of interrogation training with our Interrogation Simulation Room. Elevate your skills, empower your team, and unlock the secrets to effective interviewing.

Moot Court Simulation Room

Where Theory Meets Practice in the World of Law, empower the next generation of legal minds and elevate law practice with our Moot Court Simulation Room. Prepare for success in the courtroom by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Polygraphy Simulation Area

Empowering students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world of polygraphy and deception detection with our Polygraphy Simulation Area, designed to equip aspiring criminal justice majors, psychology students, and future investigators with the knowledge and skills needed for accurate lie detection. Prepare them to become experts in uncovering the truth.

Crime Scene Simulation Area

Prepare to excel in the world of forensic science and criminal investigations. The Crime Scene Simulation Area is designed to empower aspiring forensic scientists, criminal justice majors, and investigators with practical skills and knowledge in crime scene analysis.

Forensic Ballistics Laboratory

A Hands-On Exploration of Firearms and Ballistics. Our Forensic Ballistics Laboratory for students is designed to immerse aspiring forensic scientists, criminal justice majors, and investigators in the fascinating world of firearm analysis and ballistics.

Forensic Dactyloscopy Laboratory

Step into the intriguing realm of fingerprint identification and examination. Excel in the field of forensic dactyloscopy and fingerprint analysis with our Forensic Dactyloscopy Laboratory for Students. Prepare them for careers in forensic science, law enforcement, and investigative fields.

Questioned Document Examination Laboratory

Designed to immerse aspiring forensic experts, criminal justice majors, and investigators in the fascinating world of document analysis. Empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in questioned document examination and forensic analysis with our Questioned Document Examination Laboratory for Students. Prepare them for careers in forensic science, law enforcement, and investigative fields.