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Follow-up Services

The Guidance Center contributes to the growth and development of the individual by providing the kind of longitudinal information which is essential to self-understanding and self-actualization.


Recollection is conducted every February. It aims to facilitate the spiritual development of the students as well as their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship. This is a requirement to both high school and college graduation students. High school and college recollection is composed of spiritual talk, self-awareness, team building and group dynamics activity.

Student Services

The Guidance Center encourage students to be of service to the students in conduct of seminars, lectures, discussions, symposiums, group guidance and group sharing.

Peer Facilitator’s Program


1. To be of service to the students in the conduct of seminars, lectures, discussions, symposiums, group guidance, and group sharing.

2. To develop unity so that members can effectively participate in school activities, and initiate their own programs and activities.

3. To tap the potentialities, talents and skills of the students.

4. To draw more students to the guidance center.

5. To help spot students with problems and refer them to the guidance center


1. Any bonafide student of St. Peter’s College is qualified to become a member of the Peer Facilitator (PF) given that they are willing to be of service and abide the PF principles and objectives.

2. Every Peer Facilitator (PF) member should fill up a membership form (see GSC Form No. 9); undergoes orientation and formation seminars to hasten their facilitating, counseling and interpersonal skills needed in the activities of the organization.

Duties of Members

1. To keep himself informed on matters concerning the Peer Facilitator (PF).

2. To abide on the policies, rules and regulations of the organization.  

3. To participate and cooperate in the fulfillment of the Peer Facilitator (PF) goals, objectives and activities.  

4. To protect and defend the name and honor of the organization and this constitution. 

5. To attend meetings and activities of the Peer Facilitator (PF).  

6. To maintain and develop goodwill, friendliness and oneness to the fellow members of the organization. 

7. To conduct peer counseling, seminars and tutorials as the need arises and to perform such other duties assigned by the ACAF or the administration.

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