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The St. Peter’s College Procedures Manual for the Guidance Office aims to give you an overview of the functions and guidelines for this respective office. Through guided activities and programs this office manual aims to serve students best interest.


              The Guidance Center of St. Peter’s College implements the guidance program of the school. The present organizational structure is designed to cover all services by the school.

SPC Guidance Center Organizational Chart

The Guidance Counselor develops and implements program for the school in coordination with the Deans/ Heads of the offices in the campus.

The School Psychometrician assists in planning and managing guidance activities and mainly the responsible person for testing services.

The Student Assistant performs duties that the Guidance Counselor/School Psychometrician assigns.

The Student Peer Facilitator (SPF) assists in the promotion and implementation of       guidance programs and services.  Further, refer to Section VIII regarding the Peer Facilitator’s Program (Objectives, Memberships and Duties).