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Information Services

The Guidance Center inform students about scholarship grants in aid and other financial assistance as well as the courses offered, job vacancies and opportunities that are disseminated through fliers, fairs, bulletin boards, newsletter, etc.

Career Fair

Our courses offered, scholarship grants in aid and financial assistance are disseminated through fliers and fairs. The fliers are available at the Guidance Office/ Registrar’s Office. It is updated yearly for changes. The fairs are done throughout the month of February and March. Every year, secondary schools send us letters, invitations and or any medium of communication to invite us in their Career Guidance. Usually, our audiences are graduating high school students. The school then responds to showcase our resources and to market our courses offered, scholarship grants and financial assistance. Inquiries for the availability/application of scholarship grants/ and financial assistance is done at the H.R Office.

Job Fair

Job vacancies and opportunities are disseminated through fliers and fairs. The fliers are posted in the Guidance Office’s bulletin/ in each college. Job Fair is done at the month of March in collaboration with the Dean of the Student Affairs. With the help of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), different companies/ institutions are invited to find possible applicants/ employee subject to their needs. Job Fair is done in a usual working application. Students are to provide a number of copies of their application letter and resume to the employers for interview. This is a clearance item for all graduating college students.