The comprehensive examinations for the degree Master of Arts in Education (MAED) of the Graduate Studies Program will be held on January 16-17, 2021, Saturday, at the SPC AVR, at 8:30-12 and 1
:30-5:00 on both days. This is to accommodate those who have finished their academic course in the First Semester, 2020-2021, and also who failed to take the comprehensives last August, 2020.

Steps in applying to take the comprehensive examination:

  1. Download the application form found at the SPC website;
  2. Accomplish in duplicate copies. All spaces must be filled out. Leaving out any space unfilled will make the application null and void;
  3. Request for (download) grades printout and attach to application form;
  4. Pay comprehensive exams fee of P1,108.66 and grades printout fee of P20.00 at the Cashier’s Office and attach receipts to application form;
  5. Submit twoo (2) copies of application form with receipts attach to GS incharge of comprehensive examination, Ms. Merjelyn Camasura;
  6. Pay for examiners’ fees, proctors, test booklets and other expenses for ten (10) courses to Ms. Camasura;
  7. Get comprehensive exam permit and seat number from Ms. Camasura;
  8. Report to examination room (AVR and adjacent classrooms, if needed) and as health protocol requirement, with face mask, face shield, alcohol or hand sanitizer on August 22-23, 2020. Wearing of face mask and face shield is a health protocol requirement which can not be waived.
  9. Examination time shall be strictly observed, so please come on time.