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“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” — Abraham Lincoln

Management Information System (MIS)

Management information system MIS is a computer-based system that provides SPC management with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization.

In order to provide past, present and prediction information, a management information system can include software that helps in decision making, data resources such as database, the hardware resources of a system, decision support system, people management and project management application, and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently.

PATRICK E. GAMBOASystem Administrator / MIS-OIC
JEROME P. ARCENASAssistant MIS / Computer Laboratory In-charge
PILIPINAS ANCINGMIS staff / Graphics Animation / LMS Moodle in-charge
JERALD C. PERIONMIS Staff / Network Technician
SHEENA JOY V. GUMADLASMIS Staff / Technician / Computer Lab., Digital Lab. incharge

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