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National Service
Training Program


A recognized training program for civic education and defense preparedness, producing disciplined and socially conscious citizens fully equipped to mobilize and serve their community and nation in both military and civic capacities.


We strive to provide transformative educational experiences blends with meaningful civic engagement and service to empower students to become responsible, well-rounded citizens, preparing them to contribute to the security, development, and betterment of their community, contributing to the broader process of nation-building.


  • Strengthen partnerships with local communities and organizations to expand service opportunities and increase the positive impact of NSTP initiatives on community development.


The NSTP Office coordinates activities that engage students in defense preparedness, disaster response, environmental protection, and nation-building efforts. We provide students with opportunities to contribute meaningfully to society and develop into responsible citizens.

Program Component

ROTC stands for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, which is a program aimed at training students for future military service. It combines academic education with military training, leadership development, and civic education, preparing students to become commissioned officers in the armed forces or reserve components after graduation.

CWTS stands for Civic Welfare Training Service, which is one of the three components of the National Service Training Program (NSTP). It focuses on community immersion and outreach activities aimed at developing students’ civic consciousness and commitment to social responsibility.

LTS stands for Literacy Training Service, another component of the National Service Training Program (NSTP). LTS primarily focuses on teaching literacy and numeracy skills to marginalized sectors of society, aiming to empower individuals through education and community engagement.


Jill R. Pagsiat, LPT

OSAS Staff/ NSTP Coordinator

Jill R. pagsiat, LPT


Noemie N. Dumanhog, lPT


Jeannette Louise Labial


Pacalundo Sangcad


Anna Rose Paguican


Risty John Ababa


Jeannette Louise Labial


Jo Andre Arcilla


Pilipinas A. Quiban


SSg Wynhie L Yabo PA (RES)

Tactical NCO
ROTC Coordinator

SSg Risty John Ababa PA (Res)

Tactical NCO

Campus Life

NSTP campus life integrates academic learning with community service, fostering civic responsibility and leadership among students.

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