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Sensitive guidance and counseling programs that facilitate the developmental services for all students.


To help and advocate the development of the students through self-determination and become effective persons in the society.


  • Establish the feeling of camaraderie and mutual understanding of students, teachers, and school personnel.
  • Provide adequate information to students to enable to adjust to new school environment through displays and reading materials.
  • Extend counseling services to individual and group and assist them in planning for their vocations.
  • Undertake individual analysis of students test results to determine placement and sectioning.
  • Maintain and update systematic orderly file to information and psychological test data with high confidentiality.


Guidance and Counseling Office provides support and guidance to students seeking assistance with personal, academic, and career-related matters. We inspire students to foster a deep sense of self-awareness, confidence and emotional well-being. We empower them to overcome their obstacles, equipping them with essential life skills and coping strategies.

What we do

The Guidance and Counseling Office provides academic and personal support to all students. They offer counseling, admission and information services and career planning. They address emotional and social issues of students, promote mental health, and ensure the students’ overall well-being. They play a crucial role in guiding students towards success.


Dianne Therese Marie C. Bahala, MM-HRM

Dean, Office of the Student Affairs and Services

Alteza Mae M. Diao, MAEd-GC

Designate Guidance Counselor


  • The Guidance Office assists with admission services by providing guidance and support throughout the admission process.  
  • They assist with application forms, provide information on scholarships and give advice on course selection. 
  • They ensure that students have necessary tools and information to make informed decisions and complete the admission process.

During a job fair, the office provides students with information about participating employers and job opportunities. They offer guidance on career exploration and networking, and assist students in navigating the event. The office is available to answer questions and provide general support to ensure students have  successful and productive experience.

The office provides personal counseling, addressing emotional well-being, stress management and conflict resolution. Career counseling is offered to assist students in exploring career paths and making informed decisions. The guidance office aims to support students holistically, promoting their academic success, personal growth, and overall well-being.

Testing services offer by the guidance office refer to the assessments and examinations that they administer or facilitate for students. The office conducts IQ and personality test for their admission requirements. The goal is to support students in navigating the testing process, making informed decisions, and achieving their academic and career goals.

The guidance office offer range of information services to students. These include career exploration, course offering, college information, scholarship grants and mental health resources. They aim to equip students with necessary information to make informed decisions about their academic and career paths, promoting their overall success and well-being

This involves helping individuals identify their interests, skills, and values, and how they align with different career options

Instructors’ evaluation is conducted every semester. This involves assessing the effectiveness of instructors in their instructional roles. Feedback from students and peer is collected to evaluate teaching methods, classroom management and student engagement. The aim is to provide feedback for improvement and support teachers’ professional development.