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Finance Office

The school finance office is responsible for managing the financial operations of the institution. They handle tasks such as budgeting, payroll processing, student billing, and financial reporting. With their expertise, they ensure the efficient allocation and utilization of financial resources to support the school's mission and objectives.

Human Resource

The school's human resource department oversees all aspects of personnel management. From recruitment and hiring to employee benefits, training, and development, they ensure the school has a dedicated and skilled workforce. Their role is vital in fostering a positive work environment and supporting the growth and success of staff and faculty members.


The school library is a hub of knowledge and learning, providing students and faculty access to a wide range of books, resources, and digital materials. It serves as a quiet space for study, research and exploration, and encouraging a love for reading.

Management Information System

The School Management Information System (MIS) office optimizes administrative processes using advanced technology and data management tools for efficient decision-making and seamless services.

Office Of The Registrar

The School Registrar is responsible for maintaining accurate student records and ensuring smooth enrollment and graduation processes. They play a crucial role in managing academic documentation and supporting students' educational journey.

Office Of The Student Affairs And Services

The Office of Student Affairs and Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and services to enhance the overall student experience, promoting personal growth, and fostering a vibrant campus community. They oversee various student programs and initiatives, ensuring students' welfare and engagement throughout their academic journey.

National Service Training Program

The NSTP Office is committed in promoting civic consciousness and community involvement through our three NSTP components: LTS, ROTC, and CWTS. Our office coordinates a variety of programs and activities, guiding students as they engage in meaningful service projects that benefit both their communities and the nation throughout their academic journey.

Research and Creative Works

The School Research and Creative Works Department is committed to promoting and facilitating research endeavors among students and faculty members. They foster an environment of inquiry and innovation, encouraging scholarly activities and creative pursuits across diverse academic disciplines.