St. Peter's College core values "ECLAPHEN"

1. Excellence. Uphold high standards of performance in all areas of academe. 2. Commitment. Satisfy clients’ demands by prompt, enthusiastic, professional, responsive, and prestigious services regardless personal wants. 3. Leadership. Motivate and strengthen the constituents and feel responsible for identifying and accomplishing tasks. 4. Accountability. Acknowledges and accepts responsibility for its actions in relation to established policies, procedures, and standards. 5. Perseverance. The inner strength to remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles by means of dedication, consistency, and having a positive attitude. 6. Honest. Open and honest in all dealings and maintain the highest integrity at all times. 7. Environmentalism. Advocate sustainable management and protection of natural resources through influencing individual behavior. 8. Nationalism. Have the dedication and loyalty in serving the interest of the nation.

St. Peter’s College is a school founded in 1952 in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines which offers engineering, education, accounting and business administration courses.